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2:15 am
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i dunno... a lot of people have asked how much i spent for my amsterdam/belgium trip.
so here you go: 400 pounds. i know... a bit expensive actually. but it could have been cheaper. here's the rough breakdown:
flight: 55 pounds/return
accommodation: 90 pounds for 4 nights
transport within europe: 65 (then add another 14 because of the missed bus :( )= 79
attractions etc= 65 (could have saved more if you were stingy)
food= 70 for 6 days (again....could have saved more on this. but ah well..)
souvenirs= 40 (total splurge. belgian chocolates T_T. souvenirs tend to add up eventhough it's 2-4 euros here and there. no more buying unnecessary stuff)

so.. if you minus off the souvenirs and 10  from food and 14 from the missed bus... the whole trip only came up to 336 pounds ish. which isn't that bad. i just have to start saving again. my 20 pounds massive grocery shopping is serving me well. my fridge still stocked up with lots of food that can last me another week. so i'm technically surviving on 10pounds/week. not bad eh.