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i'm slightly disturbed by your comments. yes, you: yeen and joanne.
i was contemplating if i should write this down, if i will offend both of you. but anyway, most likely you 2 are the only regular readers on my page so wat the heck.

honestly la, one of you is a friend i've known for the longest time and another is one of my closest friends currently.
not sure if the comments were a poke at teasing me or if it was just a one off thought.
and yes, to address your question, what's with the sudden vanity?
didn't you know i always obsessed about the way i look? HAHAHA. with the camwhoring and what not. heck... i think most of us will be self obsessed with our looks at one point or another. there will be times where we feel slightly insecure about our looks. for me, i've always been insecure about how i look. that's why i hated being in photos (note the past tense. i have to thank xia xun for helping me overcome my fear of being in photos. such a stupid fear to begin with). that's partly why i have such low self esteem. so yes, your one off comments about me being vain has opened a bag of worms.
btw, the definition of vain: 1. Having or showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance, abilities, or worth.
- google, 2011

I guess you could say that I was being vain since I was fishing for compliments over my photoshop skill. sorry la if I misinterpreted your comment as me being vain about my appearance.

and when i posted that entry, i really wasn't thinking much other than how "untouched" the photo looked eventhough i did so much rubbish to it. and about why i even decide to photoshop that photo:
i am editing over 100+ pics for my amsterdam and belgium trip, basically adjusting the color balance and sharpness of each photo. i do this for photos on trips i care about. i honestly got so damn bored doing the same thing over and over again and i was irritated on how my shirt was riding up my waist. one thing led to another, as I for one can always see imperfection in how I look. geetha kena photoshop cause she would have looked distorted if i didn't. just a case of being in the wrong photo at that time. hahahahhaa.

anyway, just wrote this to get it off my chest. cheers

ps: btw.. the random photo up there was photoshopped. not my best work unfortunately but still okla. i think u can figure out what the original photo looks like. awesome or not?

pps: yes. the trip was awesome and i had fun :D

ppps: friends forever :D i'm just defending my previous entry as not being vain. not taking a stab at both of you

pppps: thoughts and comments pls. kthxbye