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stupid scholars
11:53 am
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it irritates me to see how irresponsible some scholars are. JPA, MARA, whatever.
abuse of the gov's scholarship is so rampant... it's irritating me. Doing a course which is filled to the brim with scholarship holders and each are spending at least RM1 million of tax payer's money, you see all kinds of stupidity.
Take for example a fellow batchmate's fb status posted up a few moments ago:

Thanx JPA....I'll take time to savour this moment!!! Erm, money smell so good!!!

a kind friend reminded him about his duties at the end...
 indeed ur serves to d country would b more than d reward :)to which he replied:
 Bro, I dont know whether I'll serve M'sia first, Aussie has better reward prospect, big money will be priority bro.
WOW... like how dumb can a person be? he has so many friends on fb which are privately sponsored because they are unable to get a scholarship to study medicine and many had to stay in Seremban to continue their clinical studies because they don't have the cash to study overseas. I mean... when I was in primary school, we were told to be discreet while eating or drinking during puasa time. When we, the non-muslims. wanted to drink water in class.. we had to go out from the classroom and squat down, hiding below the windows, in order to drink some water. I understand that in primary school... maybe we had to do that because our muslim classmates just started learning how to fast. Why can't this idiot practice some sort of discretion instead? Everyone knows about how scholars never come back to the country to practice. Everyone knows how disproportionate JPA allowance is. Many can actually save so much money each month from their allowance, they can go on bi/tri-annual trips to Europe and still buy a ticket back to Malaysia every year. But they should practice a bit of discretion so their blatant abuse of the system is not so "in your face".

And the worst thing....I honestly think that government doesn't give a 2 rat's ass about it. And that's MORE irritating.