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regrets. and things learnt during my short trip

1. I regret not taking more photos while on trips. who cares if i look like a fool taking a photograph of the drains in Europe?

2. I regret not writing down my experiences at least on my smart phone. so many things forgotten already

3. I regret overplanning and worrying too much. Overplanning- not good. It's good to chill

4. I regret not getting that phrase book. darn it. and not speaking my broken french (merci! pardon!) in brussels. i'm so obviously a tourist,i can be excused for mispronunciation (unlike speaking mandarin. that's just plain embarrassing).

5. I regret not making use of the opportunity to get to know the locals when i was actually staying with one. not everyone is out to get you, despite being brought up thinking like that. a random guy who helped us find our way isn't planning to kill you when he ask how long we are staying here for.

6. who we travel with is important. the trip was good but I felt unsatisfied. sure i was tired, but i would have rather traveled another 15 minutes to see another highlight of the city. sure i was budgeting, but i would have spent an extra 6 euros to climb the tower to see the panorama of the whole city. sure i loved taking photos of people and myself but i also like to take photos of the buildings and local atmosphere

7. Punctuality is key. Wear a damn watch next time sooky

8. Bring a larger padlock.

9. Make use of stopovers, even if it's just for a few hours

10. don't bother bringing books (or a book in fact.. unless you're travelling alone/in pairs and foresee a lot of waiting around) especially when the trip is < 1 week. only made my shoulders ached.