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101 Things you didn't know about britain (specific to Yorkshire )
8:39 am
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I'm sure it won't reach 101. But 101 seems like the cliche number to use.
So here we go:
1. Thank you= cheers or "ta"
2. Everyone holds the doors open for everyone. Likewise, you should do the same. I guess I don't notice this much in M'sia cause all the doors here are automatic doors or we just leave the doors opened since it's so darn hot in the room anyway. All the doors here in uk are insulated and heavy and closes automatically to prevent the cold from coming into the room. Which brings me to my next point:
3. When you come across a door, PUSH/PULL HARD! Quite a few times I've stood there like an idiot cause I thought the doors are locked. Then an old lady comes an pull open the door. :-S Doesn't help that there are super strong winds outside
4. You can jaywalk here. With caution.
5. Cars actually stop for pedestrians at zebra crossing. Well, they are meant to but you know... In m'sia they will just honk and give u the dirty look when you do that.
6. Everything can be bought online :D pots, pans, cups, books. Plus... If you search hard enough, it's usually cheaper
7. The sad fact that everything closes at 6pm is TRUE :'(
8. The Sun really does affect your mood. Winter blues are real unfortunately
9. When you come here, you'll go looking for the Sun, Caucasian or not. Cause it's soooo cold, standing in the Sun really makes you warmer
10. They're not really creative with names here. There is a hundred Church Lanes, Hyde park, burley road, all over UK.
11. When finding for an address, the road name is the least important. Get the postcode right. The postcode is extremely specific: my flat has 2 postcodes depending on what floor you're living on.
12. Lambs are as cute as they appear in photos.
13. There are no bugs here. Have yet to spot a 6/4 legged creature. Maybe I'll change my mind when summer is nearer
14. KL seems like a futuristic City compared to most cities here ( well.. Apart fr London) there's not many highrise buildings here. Apparently, towns are not allowed to build buildings that are higher than the church's belltower.
15. It's always grey here. Darn clouds. The Sun is like Houdini
16. Winds can knock you off your feet. Literally
17. Blanket= duvet
18. There's no such thing as bolsters here
19. Everything is counted in ounces, stones and miles. Sucks for us :(
20. Walking 1km is a "short walk" away. We m'sians are quite lazy. So don't be deceived especially when booking accommodations
21. When a person ask if you would like another cup of tea, it's your cue to leave ( a friend told me this)
22. People here do drink a lot of tea
23. People here drink their tea and coffee and tea without sugar. :O just milk
24. Time is told in a different way here. It's not "ten thirty", its "half ten". Or "quarter to 12". Worst is when they say "10 past". They expect you to know the hour. Maybe it's to do with wearing analogue watches. Hardly seen anyone with a digital watch.
25. Common greeting here is "heya, you alright?" in manglish, it means "ello". Hahaha. It's not necessary to answer the qw
26. Everyone calls you "love". Boys call boys that, girls call girls that. Doesn't matter
27. Use terms like "brilliant", "excellent", "great", "fantastic" liberally during history taking/ examination.

I've ran out. Will add more when I think of the rest. Hahaha

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