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painful and yet humourous
10:38 pm
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reading my post from 2.5 years ago, not so long ago when i just entered imu. It's strange how i find my old self more entertaining than my current self. The post back then were made when I was less sad, less plain, less worrisome, in short, less emo. My post nowadays are more like shoutouts to show the world how miserable i am, to wallow in self pity and to complain about everything. just like some old grumpy lady. and friends have helped me get out from the rut i was stuck in (big random thank you to joanne, sabby, kaye, xx, siao chen, morgan and countless others for cheering me up last time or just lending an ear). and i'm back here, complaining about the same things. i would hate to be my friend. ahahahahhahahaa.

so... task 1 tomorrow: wake up with a smile, think positive, believe that you're making a difference (the butterfly effect isn't all chaos- perhaps by me taking a history from the little old lady, she forgets about her pain for a minute or so [ok.. i'm lying. i can't take history that fast. more like 30-40 minutes for a full history and a few extra minutes due to my inability to stop them from talking about their pets and neighbours] and because of that she doesn't complains of pain to the already tired nurse who then doesn't make life hell for the junior doctors, making their day happier so they can make better informed decisions and thus lives saved. see... such wonderful effects)

i'll update to let you guys know if task 1 was a success. also makes me update more often. and you guys will notice i can blog from my phone now. so yay! more frequent and random thoughts coming your way. perhaps i should just succumb to media pressures and get a twitter account. tweet tweet.