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Good samaritan
12:26 pm
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Riding the train back from Bradford today, I was rushing to catch the train. As I was going in, a man came out to notify the conductor that he saw a red handbag lying on the floor of the platform. I went to an empty seat an peered out- there it was, just underneath the bench. Whoever who left it there must hv placed her handbag on the floor while waiting for the train. The conductor informed the station staff, a burley guy, who then picked up the bag. The train driver made an announcement over the speakers, asking if anyone left their red  handbag on the platform. A woman frantically came out and the bag was returned to her ( the station staff was probably asking her to be more careful since the handbag also contained her metro card. Without it, she probably couldn't have travel)

In Malaysia.... The story would be completely different.

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