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ok. waking up with a smile obviously didn't happen. I woke up with more like... a groan. And snooze my alarm for another 15 minutes before I realize I probably would miss the bus/train to Bradford if I didn't get up then.
Oh yes... for those of you uninformed, since I'm so terrible in updating my blog, I'm on Elderly Medicine rotation now in a place called Bradford. Still in Yorkshire (which is still in UK. ahhahaa, dang) I was supposed to get an accommodation there but due to some email screw up, my mail didn't get sent through, I wasn't allocated a place, so I have to travel to and fro everyday. The best part is.... ALL MY GROUPMATES HAS AN ACCOMMODATION. That's like... coincidence of the century since only 16 rooms were allocated to a batch of 30-ish students doing their placements in Bradford. And out of that 30 students (all groups has 6 students each i think), my group is the only group where 5/6 got an accommodation. Me being the unlucky one. gahhhh.
Lucky I have a friend to travel with. Makes the travel pass faster.
So everyday, I have to get up at 6.45am
Get ready, eat breakfast, have my morning coffee (yummm... cappucino.. thank god for tesco's half price sales) and leave my accommodation by 7.30am
Get the bus outside my accommodation to the rail station to catch the train to Bradford leaving at 8.08am.
20 mins train journey, then walk to the connecting bus station to catch the bus to Bradford Royal Infirmary. This has to be done in sequence cause if the train is delayed by 2-3 minutes, i would miss this bus and have to wait for another 10 minutes for the next one.
Then if everything goes well.. I reach the hospital at 8.50am. Just enough time to dump everything in the lockers and walk to the ward.
So today I had some free time and I managed to get a history (although I was secretly hoping to get glucometer signed off and cannulas but no such luck for me. again... for those who are blur: we're given what we call "the blue book" [for obvious reasons... the cover is blue. med students are such creative ppl]. It's officially called "The Basics Skills and Practical Workbook" and we have to get little things (cannulas, venepuncture, taking a history, doing examination, etc etc) signed off by nurses, doctors, etc). I didn't really help save the world as I was hoping with the butterfly effect. In fact... I may have caused that particular patient a delay in discharge. Opps. Only towards the end the guy kindly told me that his son was waiting. I felt so horrible for keeping him longer in hospital. But he was a really nice guy. So hooray to nice guys in this world.

what's task 2?
task 2: think "I CAN DO IT" and shout it out in my loudest mental voice whenever I feel I can't.

tiny steps to joy.