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Simple English. I don't think I'm an expert in English. I use "lah" "mah" "yah" etc. My sentence structure is less than desirable. I've uttered sentences where I feel like kicking myself later cause the grammar is so atrocious. This is worse coming to a country where English is a first language. Acceptable English standards is no longer accepted. Then there's the local slang n accents. Then I realize, what they speak here is British English. Their usage of certain slangs is their vernacular. I speak Malaysian English. I have no reason to feel embarrassed by my accent. It's my vernacular.

Ok... I got side tracked. Malaysians all have different levels of english proficiency. Some are quite bad, and some are really good. In uk, i still hear very bad grammar which still pains me. Joanne will understand my pain. Ahahahaha.

But what can I say right? I can't speak Chinese. The ones that aren't proficient in english usually can speak other languages better. So, gah....
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