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medical students can get a bit ahead of themselves sometimes.
today, my group had to take a respiratory history from a SP (simulated patient). A student asked "Do you have a temperature?"
After everything was over, the person overseeing the whole thing asked that student, "What is a temperature?"
The student was dumbfounded.
The other person explained that sometimes your patient might not get simple phrases that we take for granted. So she asked him to rephrase the question
"Do you have a fever?"
"What is a fever?"
"Erm.. do you feel hot?"
"That's subjective"
So she said you can ask if the patient feel any chills or ask if they find they have to change their nighties (sweating).

after that, the student was complaining. he said "who wouldn't know what a temperature is?? even a 5 year old would know that"

Sorry dude... I really wanted to tell him that it seriously depends on which part of the world you come from. With the massive amounts of people moving around the world, we can never take for granted who can come walking into our consultation room (or whose bed we come walking to). It can be a foreigner where English is a 2nd or 3rd language. But I kept it to myself as usual. Imagine asking that in a ward in Malaysia. I can guarantee not everyone will understand.
I had to explain what alcohol was to the orang asli in Hospital Gombak. Imagine that.