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first of all:
new phone!

it's been a fun phone to use. although i have a few pet peeves with it:
my 3g keeps dying on me. eventhough there is full bar signal. I have to reset it then only i can reuse the 3g.
and when playing games, i keep hitting the search button which pauses the game and bring you to the search tool. gahhhhh.
but other than that... pretty phone!!! i'm just waiting for more apps to come

so far postings have been alright. Just had a weeks break which I feel I've completely wasted. Should have planned a trip down to london or something. Ah well... it was a good relaxing break anyway. Starting monday, I'll be in Bradford. Another town 30 mins away from Leeds. It's quite a diverse place of different ethic groups so it should be interesting. I'll most probably be staying there so thank god I have a 3g enabled phone to play around with. Might contemplate bringing my laptop if it's too boring.
On wed also I have something called an NBME exam. It's an exam mainly used by the US to assess the quality of their own medical students so I think some ppl in the US and UK decided to compare us to them. Without the researchers knowing..... some 50? odd IMU students  in the UK will be contaminating the results since we technically received most of our theory training in M'sia. Anyhow, it shouldn't affect the results much since most of our brains berkarat already.

Also went to Ilkley Moors for a day trip last Wed. Pics should be up soon in fb. It reminded me a lot about Broga Hills. Minus the sun, sweat and mosquitoes, add in the wind, cold and dead plants. The top was quite eerie since it was quite deserted and there was a whole vast of plains there. It felt like you could walk on forever and not end up anywhere. We all got quite freaked out by that and decided to head down to civilization. It was still a good trip nevertheless. A break from Leeds and shopping.

Which comes to my next point: shopping. I'm turning too much into a shopaholic. Must stop spending. Must learn from sensei Yeen yee. Darn it la... I'm too weak-willed. temptation is too great for me :(
I've got a plan in place already. (yea.. like my dieting plan which can now burn since I just baked a whole bunch of buttery goodness cornflake cookies)

Tomorrow I shall head to the gym :D Then get some sandwich making stuff and more veges. No more veges