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nostalgia yet again
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it's strange that the choice of coming to IMU, faced with the decision to choose between PMS and Seremban would make such a huge impact. It truly is a life changing decision of sorts. How different life would be if I stayed back in Seremban. I always wondered what would have become of it. 
Would I be regretting I did not choose to study overseas?
Would I have the same insecurities I'm facing now?
Would I feel like I'm just looking into the lives of my friends?
Truth to be told, I feel like I've been abandoned by those friends. They have moved on with their lives, focusing on their future, getting caught up in the fast pace of IMU Seremban and its never ending daily assignments to do. Where as I'm left behind, reminiscing about long lost days in the canteen, chattering to them about lame crap, laughing at lame jokes, together, focusing on impending exams. Is Leeds really that laid back or have I lost my drive to continue on. Just last year, I was working my butt off to not only pass but to do the best I can achieve. Fast forward 1 year and here I am, feeling as though I've lost all motivation.
I need my gung ho back.