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5:10 pm
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my brain just exploded in my skull

i just watched a baby bunny die. on youtube. by a woman. who sat on it. purposely. and laughed. and 2 other women laughed as she did it.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? why did i have to watch that video?????
how i stumbled across it: a friend on fb posted up the link and just commented: want to slap that bitch
ok. i thought it should be a video of some women doing stupid things. and i was bored
the women was just playing with bunny. the bunny was super cute. then the shit happen. i honestly just cringed and looked at the ceiling until the video stopped.

then i did a bit of googling. apparently it's a "fetish" in china called crush fetish. they get "beautiful" women to basically kill little animals by stomping on them, crushing them basically. then these videos are sold. like. omg. both the seller and the buyer are all equally sick. i don't know how they are considered beautiful since all i see is a retarded women who should get crushed with a baseball bat to her head. ughh.....
i'm so sad that this world is so sick. sickening. and the government doesn't even ban them. sick sick sick

i need to go rinse my eyes with bleach now.