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i'm suzy. suzy chin *sips martini*
9:08 pm
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"Alright. let's see who is here; Harry-"
"ermm.. Soak Chin?"
   "Oh.. It's actually Sook Cheng. But you can just call me Suzy"

For those uninformed, I'm known as Suzy to the Western world. lol. My brother named me basically. Cause right after I landed the first question he asked me was what will my name be. I said Sooky. He said they will never remember my name. After a few random names (Stephanie, Susan, etc) he said Suzy. At first I was like "noooooooo" Then he introduced me to his friend's housemate (ang moh) as "here's sook cheng. or u can call her suzy" and from then onwards the housemate knew me as suzy. so ok fine. i accepted the name
And seriously... it's way better then hving them address you as "hey" "er" "umm"

All my malaysian friends HAVE TO CALL ME SOOK CHENG. NO EXCUSES. Unless you consider yourself to be an acquaintance and not my friend. hmph.