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10:06 pm
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sometimes i wonder why i bothered to come all the way here, 12 hrs long flight, to:
1) leave all my friends behind in m'sia
2) to basically be alone
3) suffer the cold and wet weather
4) experience longer nights thanks to winter
5) eat crappy microwave food
6) not be able to call home thanks to time difference

i've asked myself this qw so many times... did i make a mistake in choosing the pms route? would i be better off choosing seremban? my parents wanted me to do seremban so much but i was stubborn and stuck to my choice. they told me that i shouldn't regret my choice since they've advised against it so much.

and i sincerely don't want to.

but after a long crappy day at uni, you really just want to go back and complain and talk crap to friends or parents. instead, i come back to an empty room with an electronic square screen as my best companion.

then i regret my choice.