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Whoa. long overdued post. But all that matters is that i do it right?
Anyway, we finally went on our makan trip to Malacca.
1st activity of the day was Angeline's kidnapping
Her verdict on being thrown into the boot of a car is: hot and stuffy plus bumpy. or something like that.
Then it was a 1 hr ride down to Seremban in 2 cars to visit what i now call..... the pink party house.

Toilet to heaven
Joanne's room

I was like a jakun trying to take photos all the way. hahahahaa. Then after a hilarious toilet trip for all in the house (everyone wanted to go toilet so had to keep switching on the water supply) and an argument of chicken balls vs laksa, we continued down to malacca (chicken balls won btw)

Bebola ayam shop.
5 bola for me
Steamed chicken. yummmmmmm
Eventhough I'm somewhat of a Malacca girl (my father used to come back to Malacca once every 3 months. Now at least it has dwindled to trice a year) I've only tried the rice balls 3 times in my entire life. Once, goodness knows when, 2nd time when I was 18 or so and 3rd time now. The 3rd time was definitely the best of all but I still won't be like those people who drive all the way from KL just to eat chicken rice balls. Like what the heck. I don't mind driving to Penang to eat their asam laksa. But not to Malacca to eat rice balls. lol

Since this was a makan trip, we proceeded to Jonker 88 (which is super nearby my father's friend's shop. lol) to makan dessert:
Mango ice kacang.
Baba Chendol
Mine was the mango ice kacang. Verdict: Pretty yummy. They are a bit stingy on the mango tho. After eating the top layer, it becomes regular ice kacang. hahahhaa. I'll miss this in UK :(

Feeling super full... malacca doesn't really offer much to do. So we just walked around Pahlawan Merdeka mall (i'm tembaking the name, lol. can't remember the name right now)
Joanne's photoshoot. lol. too bad la i don't know how to instruct her on posing
Caught red handed- kelakuan tidak senonoh tidak khalayak umum. (omg. my bahasa. i still remember. lol)

Then it was A'Famosa. The famous fort with no roof and half it's walls gone. But it's a really good place to have a photoshoot. Dramatic lighting, interesting backdrop and lots of props to play with. 

Sam was pretty excited to hv his photo taken but too bad he didn't stick to the person holding the camera. lalalala.
But we did eventually take some group photos with the canon. the poor canon... kena abused by us. there were plenty of passerbys looking at us too. hahahha

Finally, our tummies were empty and ready to be filled again. We left to eat satay celup at Capitol. A specialty satay only found in Malacca (altho i think i saw one shop selling satay celup in Subang?)
Was pretty excited. I passed by this shop so many times before and always see long lines of people waiting outside. That day was the day i finally stepped into their restaurant.
The food was ok ok. It was definitely something different but I still prefer the old style satay- kajang satay. This satay is something like steamboat with kacang sauce. But the waitresses were rude. bad service.
As far as I know, capitol satay was supposed to be some family ran business. When we went, everything was ran by their employees. Being employees, obviously they didn't care much about customer service. When asked to bring cucumbers, they just dump the plate on the table. Then just because they think we asked too many times, they wanted to charge us for it. Obviously it's unfair to charge for something that is meant to be free. Haiz.
It really spoiled our mood when the waitresses was so rude. With our mood slightly dampened, we made our way to Jonker Street for last minute shopping (got my dodol for my brother) and we headed back

Though there were bumps towards the end of our trip, I really didn't regret going. Being in a foreign country, these are the memories i'll think back fondly of.
It kind of sad to think that most of us are so busy it's suddenly hard to keep in touch. Soon, our lives will diverge more and more, would there be any possibility of us being like how we used to?