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6:26 pm
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is my subconscious homesick?

i had a dream that i was dreaming about flying to UK. confusing?
what i meant was, i dreamt that me coming to UK was a dream. It was super weird. I was back in M'sia and was thinking "hey, aren't I supposed to be in UK?" then some people (honestly cannot remember who) told me "nooo.. you're in M'sia". then i remember saying "it was so real! i remember the cold steel of the railing i touched when i was walking to the Edinburgh castle" after that i flashback to a real memory of me touching the steel (coincidentally, while i touching the railing, I was thinking if it was all a dream cause it was only my 2nd day in UK and being super jet lagged, I was like in a constant dream mode) then I immediately woke up. lol

amazing how dreams form.