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brain dead
8:39 pm
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i feel horribly brain dead.
maybe it's the piling assignments, the never ending list of to-dos, the despair at the realization of how much i've forgotten since eos 5, the envy i have for those who have started clinical training, the stupid time difference, etc

ugh. my brain is too messy. i need to reorganize and prioritized.
take for example this week's to-dos:
1. i have pbl (here it's called case studies) research to do. then i have to meet up with the others on monday and prepare a powerpoint to be presented on Wednesday. then have to write a short report about the whole case
2. Meeting with SSC (ethics module) supervisor some time soon to start discussing with him about my giant project which comprises of writing a 3000 word report and a grand presentation. not to mention that i have to take a train then a bus just to meet my supervisor who works in another hospital out of town. luckily there's another m'sian guy with the same topic
3. Revise anatomy and do the anatomy workbook properly
4. Finish up tutorial work about IBD
5. Choosing another SSC topic and submit preference by this weekend
6. Call up accommodation to confirm payment and cancel direct debit
7. Do laundry

Not to mention the lectures. they are so boring, you can't help but become blank. Maybe it's because I've learnt it before or maybe because the guy is way too monotonous. Or perhaps I'm not used to his accent. It sounds like the lecturer is mumbling half the time. Or it could be I'm just zoning out that's why i couldn't catch a single word sometimes. Ugh... if this goes on, there won't be a point in attending lectures.


also quite sad that i can't communicate with a lot of people on the other side of the world. each time i'm free it'll be 3am there. Each time they are free, I have lectures to attend and stuff to settle.

the cherry on the top is that i'm posted out to another town for bedside teaching which is tomorrow. ughhhh. have to get up at 6.45am every friday now.