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worst luck this year
6:01 pm
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i always thought i was a pretty lucky girl. every year i have my ups and downs, but mostly ups and rarely any downs.

this year... has got to be my unluckiest year.
saman, fines, broken blender,  spoiled computer, arguments, things that generally doesn't make sense and just plain unluckiness.

the accommodation i applied for suddenly decided to have a massive discount on their rental.

pfffffffft.... wat the heck indeed

things could have been a lot worse i guess. like how i amazingly don't get into accidents even though i'll be yawning away at the wheel. or perhaps not passing EOS 5, not getting into my top 3 unis, stricken with a chronic illness (lol.. it's debatable since i get sick so often), not having healthy family+friends.

but i really hate this feeling- that i got sucker punched in the stomach by fate.