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my cycling chronicles. extremely overdued post.

On such a nice fine day, I decided that I have to learn how to cycle. I'm too old to not know how to cycle. So, with this determination and will, I went to Taman Pertanian Malaysia at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam with friends to rent a bike and CYCLE. by hook or by crook.
The first hour was painful. I kept stopping. Any movement I made was because I walked and not because my feet were on the pedals. 2nd hour; there were occasional glorious moments where both my feet were off the ground and on the pedals. but very very short lived. Soon after both feet were on the bike, I'll be swaying like crazy and soon have to stop. And finally, I got the hang of pedalling and balancing. Then I was banging into trees and falling into mud.
But I managed to cycle!!!!!
This was my reward:

few days later it turned even more awesome:

now its' mostly fading so I went back to get more today. ahahahha. Got a new one on my left thigh. But today I managed to cycle a further distance. I'm still a newbie (fell off my bike twice) where starting off is still difficult for me. I'm sure I can get the hang of it soon and i'll be cycling around UK!!