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time is passing pretty quick. weeks past just like that.
I've finally managed to submit my visa application. a bit of hiccup with the application but hopefully everything will be ok (the dumb "check your application status" online has been showing the same message for the past 3 working days. it states that my application will be processed and my application was sent to the british embassy on __(blank)___.  i wonder if they are lazy to update the information or they are really that slow. the friggin embassy is just down the same road for heaven's sake.)

last week i also managed to go cycling with the regular imu bunch. well... not that i went cycling. more like walking/falling with the bike. i got some pretty decent sized bruises on both legs- a huge blue/purple/yellow-green one covering my left knee with smaller bruises dotted around it; 2 huge yellowish ones on the shin of my right leg (these 2 are the most painful ones when pressed. the more docile looking bruises hurt more... hmmmm) and 3 freaking humongous blue blacks on the calf of my right leg. and probably 2 bruises on each butt cheek. can't really check since i can't look at my own ass XD + 1 blister conveniently located between my thumb and 2nd finger. pictures shall be displayed soon. hahahhhaa. i look like some child abuse victim if i walk the streets in shorts.
well... all those damage wasn't for nothing. i managed to cycle a fair bit just before we returned the bikes. a little unsteady and still unable to turn. but hey... at least i managed to hv some wind in my hair that day.

then i've also started packing. packing for holidays are fun. packing to go away for 1 year isn't. everything you dump in must be given thought to. + i'm travelling with a budget airline. they are pretty strict with the check-in luggage weight. i'm hoping that my weighing scale and their weighing scale will tally. as for hand luggage, airasia isn't that strict on the size and weight of the luggage (although it also depends on the officer in charge that day) so i'm not to worried about the kl-> london flight. I'm more worried about the london-> edin flight. Cause I'm flying with easyjet (another low cost carrier), they have implicitly stated that they will only allow 1 handluggage for all passengers with strict size requirements. even laptop bags/handbags are counted as 1 handluggage. so my handluggage will have all my precious electronics
right now, i've dumped in my formal clothings, foodstuff (lol. instant curry. ahahhaahhahaa), notes (friggin 4kg there. might have to leave more notes behind. maybe i'll take out all of mala maung's and some of vijay singh's notes XD) shoes, my brother's stuff (hmph. this must have took up about 4 kgs too), toiletries, misc stuff and it all adds up to 18 kg. i have yet to add in more everyday clothing (ughhh... still got 2 jeans and quite a few tops to stuff in)+ handbag. might have to transfer stuff into the handluggage.
my handluggage leh.... will be packed at the last minute.

hopefully everything would be ok. i'm really excited and yet really scared too. and the people at leeds really are slacking. they still haven't send us any student id nor any details about the course, payment details, etc.
my parents summore will be going away to melbourne this sunday. once they come back to m'sia, 7 days later, i'll hv to be at the lcct. time passes really really fast.