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hey. it's august!
7:01 pm
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august!!! THE 3RD OF AUGUST!

exactly 30 days from this date, i'll be on an airasia plane over some sea, with 4 more hours to touchdown. Probably sleeping or going crazy from boredom.

visa documents are finally coming together. Just need to collect a few more documents and i'm done! Tomorrow is my date with the visa office.  Hopefully everything will go well and i'll get my visa next week :D

Watched Inception with yeen and kaye too. Finally. after so many postpones. Inception... is really really good. The pace of the movie is very fast, not draggy at all. The concept is very interesting so it makes you want to know more, to figure out the mystery and pseudo science behind it. The acting was brilliant. I especially liked Marion Cotillard who played Mal. She played the crazy suicidal wife. And Arthur! darn. they made him look really cool here. So diff when he played the alien in 3rd rock from the sun.
There are various theories about the storyline of Inception. I didn't even know there was so much depth in the whole story. I'm one of the masses who chose the easy plotline to understand. No idea how some people can think it to so much depth. And their theory fits too! Christopher Nolan is a genius. And I guess it shows how much thought he put into the whole story. Every little detail has it's own meaning. It's appropriate that the entire story actually took 10+ years to write.

I won't mind watching it again. It's at the same level or better than A Beautiful Mind.