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Redang................information. lol
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misc stuff i found out through my research on redang (anybody who stumbled through here can benefit :D) i feel i must jot it down since so much time and sweat has been wasted on this. hahahahha

best time to travel to redang: june/july. cheapest time is april/may and sept/oct as the seas are rougher. resorts can be as cheap as rm200+ for a 3d2n package (tho a friend who travelled during may said it was fine weather there. depends on your luck i guess)
there's also a sport named candat sotong where they go out and catch sotong i think. i also think it's a night activity where they bring u out to sea and u well... fish for sotong. if i remember correctly, it's rm50/person and only happens during early june.

transport: bus or air to kuala terengganu. (perhentian island requires you to travel to kota bharu).
bus- rm80/return is the cheapest i found online by transnational and departs from hentian putra near pwtc. obviously there will be cheaper ones but it'll probably require some travelling to the bus station itself to purchase the tickets. transnational tickets can be bought from certain petronas stations (usj 9 for example).

air: airasia is the cheapest obviously. rm200 for a return ticket

travel from kuala terengganu to the jetty can usually be arranged by the resort. the usual pricing is rm10/way

then the ferry transfer is usually included in most packages. but if it's not, it's usually rm50/return/pax

accommodation: best resort= laguna. but it cost around rm600+ for a 3d2n package.

  the cheapest i've found is pelangi which cost around rm320 for quad sharing. but it can be cheaper depending on the period.

marine fees are compulsary- rm5. snorkel equipment + lifejacket are also compulsary (duh) and it's usually rm10/ item for your whole stay there.

underwater camera- as far as i know, pelangi offers the cheapest rental. rm30/day for 50 photos, rm40/day for 80 photos and rm50/day for 150 photos (considering that all the photos are set to the highest resolution the camera is capable of). the bad thing is that you must conserve the camera's battery as they charge rm10 for a recharge (but they also purge your memory stick and transfer the images to their com so you get another set of 50/80/150 photos to take. so might not be a bad thing) i think the camera is pretty old, so the one we had, the battery life was probably 2 hrs at most.

snorkel sites near the island- resorts recommend snorkelling beside a giant rock/hill where the sea is calmer and you can actually spot a lot of fishes there. no corals though.
for those who can swim better, the bay near redang reef resort has corals and apparently baby sharks and turtles. but the sea is a lot rougher here and you'll need a guide (unless you're brave enough la).

other activities: night life is very very apparent at redang bay resort. our resort..... plays loud music but nobody dances. hahahahaha

 camwhore- must must must. lol. u can see many people lugging along their dslr cameras and people posing with rocks, sand, sea, coconut trees. hahahhaa. but it's a trade off la- either you swim a lot or you take a lot of pictures.

*end of my infomercial*