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my first 10km. :D
8:03 pm
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*pictures were taken by hui xian not me. i didn't want to risk my g11 getting lost here.

The day begun before the crack of dawn- at 4.30am. cause we needed to get to the bus station at 5am for the shuttle bus (where they con our money. they requested we buy a rapidpass at rm15 so we can board the shuttle bus. but wth... they didn't even ask to see our pass. any tom, dick and harry can just hop on the bus that day)
When we arrived at Dataran Merdeka, the full marathon runners were already flagged off at 5am (crazy shit?!). After checking in our bags, we wandered around and camwhored here and there. There were a lot of people doing light exercises (looking like super pro runners with their personal timer, water belts, dressed head to toe in nike/addidas/etc etc) while we were making dumb poses. still exercise i guess.

Blocking people's way


Flagging off the 21 km runners

Camwhoring before our own flag off at 7am.

The massive crowd. Can't believe so many people like to murder their legs.

Run run run

More running. lol at the guy who is taking pics too.

COMPLETED! Clocked in at 1 hr 26 minutes. My official timing is 1 hr 24 minutes cause we were at the back of the group and we took 2 minutes after the timer started to cross the starting line.

Shiny medals for the both of us :D

Btw... the baggage service totally sucks. Queued up for 30 minutes in the flaming hot sun then they suddenly announced that we must rearrange ourselves according to our baggage number. Mayhem ensued and i just potong jalan (like so many other ppl) and got my bag within 15 minutes.

Since we are totally aunties, we thought we must use our rapidpass until we puas hati (rapidpass is valid for any public transport service for 1 day). so we went to petaling street to eat beef noodles (super yum! but omg... i think i forgot where was it already) then took the lrt to klcc to surprise a friend of mine [who wasn't there anyway. :( ]  
 but we did go and wash up and change then headed to sg wang... to go to toilet bowl restaurant. lol. seriously. hui xian forgot the name of the restaurant so she asked the reception where is the toilet bowl restaurant. the guy, without blinking or giving us the look of "wth?", told us to go up 1 floor and head to the right end of the shopping mall to get to toilet bowl restaurant. ahahahahahahahaha

I found out I was a boy here

Hui Xian found out she likes to pee in socks and pants.

Ok... so we have 2 girls, waking up at 4.30am, running/walking/jogging non stop for close to 2 hrs, then lining up in the hot sun for another hour then we went han kai in petaling street -> klcc -> sg wang.
But now... i was friggin tired. we made our way to kelana jaya station and took a bus back home. And then crashed for 4 hrs. But that gila WONG HUI XIAN... she bathed and msged me if i wanted to head to pyramid. lol. i didn't see the msg obviously... but she did go there anyway. crazy girl.

then the next day at 8pm i started my journey to redang. ahahahahhahahaa. amazingly... my legs were only sore for the next day. when i arrived in redang... it seems like the soreness magically disappeared. awesome :D
but it returned again after my redang trip la. thanks to my horrible swimming technique... i probably tore up some muscle fibres. haahahahaha