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fallalalala and we're left with 1 more month
7:04 pm
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it's amazing how time flies. It's been a month already. I guess in this time of latency, it's easy to forget that you're a medical student. I think I've forgotten almost everything I've crammed for EOS 5. It's quite sad to note that I forgot what ankylosing spondylitis was. My father nearly had a MI when i told him I couldn't remember.

Time to open the books.

Anyway, I found out that in Leeds, 3rd year students are still going through some basic sciences (reproduction and embryology... sucks) then we will be doing some work in the hospital. At the end of our 3rd year, we'll have the written exam and OSCEs (oh.... such joy!). They have something called spot qws based on biomed topics included in the exams. They say this is the killer part of the entire exam. I'm guessing it's something like our OSPE where we are pressed for time and have to think and answer correctly. Then only in the 4th year we'll be thrown into the hospital for clinical rotations. 5th year will be just shadowing a junior dr.
I'm slightly relieved that we don't get thrown into the hospital setting straightway, but as my mom put it, it's also a waste of time and money if we're studying topics covered in IMU already. But can't really do anything now :(
 I can't but wonder what would have happen if I chose a different uni as my top 3 choices. If IMU didn't ask us to change our PMS preference the 2nd time, I would have ended up in a completely different continent. Lol, it's probably happening in a different dimension somewhere out there.