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Running 10km on Sunday............
Bib number. GO buy toto number now. I take only 50% commission.

My gear :D

Honestly, Standard Chartered has got to be one of the most kiam siap race organizers ever. Sure... their grand prize is 17,500 USD... but have pity on us mere mortals. At least throw in more SOME samples (yeah... not a single sample was included. well they did let us take some MEN'S cleanser when we collected our packs) (even a packet of deep heat rub would be nice)........... instead of spending it on stupid advertisements. You can see banners everywhere and the radio plays their advert every 3 hours. What a let down honestly. SJ10K whoops Standard Chartered's ass in terms of sponsorship.
No matter... makes me more gear up to complete my 10km in 1 hr 30 mins. Not an easy feat at all...... haven't been training and the last time i ran more than 5 km was 2 years ago. ahahhahahahaa.

Soon after all the aches and groans.... PARADISE:

Pulau Redang- serenity and fantastic underwater creatures.
I've been waiting to go to an east coast island for ages. Finally it's here!!!
I just hope I'm not too tired after the damn race. Welll.... I do have the whole Monday to rest.