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5:06 am
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i think it just struck me that i'm leaving imu.

no more pbls
no more csu sessions
no more indian auntie (ok.. this i don't miss so much)
no more LT1,2,3
no more mms
no more stupid printers to be frustrated about
no more climbing up and down the damn hill
no more worrying about whether i'll get a saman today
no more idling away while stuck in the morning LDP traffic
no more lim siew siew, mr felix, the old indian uncle who gives us lots of tips, the emo patient (gosh... forgot her name. lisa? brain block), the chinese man with masked facies.....

and i'll take histories and do physicals on orang kakasia now. lol
lol. i haven't even held a conversation with an ang moh before. jakun punya orang... and now i've to take history and perform PE on them? @_@