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finally the last lecture has ended.
i'm no longer attending lectures in IMU anymore.

take that stupid 8am classes. muahahhahaa. no more waking up at 6.40am just to rush to uni for 2 hrs of lecture.

tomorrow's my mock clinical exams and the day after is my 3 hrs of torture: an exam covering the nervous system (how i hate this system) and musculoskeletal system (equally as horrible).

then it's 2 weeks of pseudo-holiday. not even a holiday. it'll be like a weird mix between the longest/shortest and most torturous period of my 2.5 years in IMU. i say this is the period where i'll be most susceptible to becoming a schizophrenic.

oh and i'm sick. lol. once again. and i've to study like crazy. not good at all.

but it's actually quite nice being sick if you don't have exams. you sleep the whole day, eat when you're awake and then sleep again. sucks totally when you have to study. and not just study a few notes. study 100 notes. lol

i'm typing this in a state of delirium as one side of my eyes are now closed and i'm dropping off to sleep thanks to the stupid virus/bacteria. so don't mind me if this entry doesn't really make any sense. *woo hoo! i can type with both eyes closed!!)

anyway, wish me all the best. i shouldn't be coming online that often from now onwards. i hope i recover asap and hope you guys will pray that i pass these blardy exams.

my next entry will be : GOODBYE IMU!!! hahahahhahahahahha. can't wait.

ps: pms results will be out next monday? ugh