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i know what to do if i get aus
3:21 am
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if i get an aussie/nz university, i know what i'm going to do during the 6 months:

travel, travel travel!

but i need money to travel
so probably working in the first 3 months. then travel during the year end holidays when everyone is back :D

go kota kinabalu! blow rm1500 there. (worth 50 days of work in the clinic @_@. or 15 days of work as a promoter) lol
this is the plan i came up with in 30 minutes:
ok. so it'll definitely cost rm1500 for the whole trip. but considered ok la.
imagine: this trip u get to climb the highest mountain in SE asia, snorkel in one of the best diving spots in the world. and you're flying from KL. not like taking a sampan and rowing across the south china sea. plus we'll still be sight-seeing around kk itself.

this plan is probably not feasible....... yet. lol. don't know if anybody is actually crazy enough to climb mountain then go snorkelling. probably will drown due to exhaustion.
ok la. have to go back to studying the skull :(
i know... i feel like dying each time i see an anatomy picture now