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4:29 am
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freaking stressed. i need retail therapy. AHAHAHAHA

i know... this isn't the goodbye imu post. how i wish it was too.

just the other day i found a ladybug on my hand (dunno how it ended up there). Didn't really know what to do with it so I killed it  went all the way to the back door, open the door and let it free there. Then it struck me how tiny this bug is in this mega-sized world. And here we are, big buffaloes complaining and moaning about how horrible life is because of a bunch of papers.
+ I suddenly got the concept of exams being well... an exam. An exam to test your discipline, your self endurance, your capabilities of handling stress, your time management skills, etc. The pre-exam period is, i guess, part and parcel of the bigger picture. Actually I'm sure everyone knows this. It's just that we lose focus of this as we go along. We're so intensely focused on the day itself, the results-pass/fail?, how will i fare in comparison to the class average, our teachers/parents expectations.

really random ramblings. I think of weird stuff when i'm daydreaming.

I can't help it but..................... POST-EXAM PLANSSSSSSS

  1. Prince of Persia 8D
  2. Ash's udang kering sambal. ahahahhahahaha
  3. Sandip's Indian food galore?
  4. I've been waiting patiently for this................ PULAU REDANGGGGGG (gosh, been trying to get to this place for 2 years edi (made plans, then cancelled, then plan then cancelled. lol) . finally get to go)
  5. Make a bag for my camera (diy supreme!!!! it's going to be padded+waterproof. should be fun- i can foresee a lot of hairpulling and frustration since this involves careful measuring to ensure a good fit)
  6. Make another skirt? or bag? depending on how much material i have left
  7. Finish up my diy stuff i left from last year (a lot. i realize i get really lazy during the end of the year holidays. i usually sew/make stuff during the mid-year holidays)
  8. KAMPARRRRRRR. erm.... fishballs?
  9. Chilling waterfalls/island getaway? not concluded yet :(
  10. Shopping. lol. definitely.
  11. Karoake. depending on how much funds i have left after all of the above. hahahahahaha
  12. Crazy photoshoot with my new baby!!! shall be fun- dressing up, makeup, hair products and weird poses. :D
  13. oh.. and not forgetting, i get to resume all my series: Grey's Anatomy, House, Glee, Flashforward, Project Runway, Mercy, Heroes? bleh..., and a lot i can't even remember. hahahhaa
can't wait. tho all of these have to be cancelled if i fail my exams. *touchwood!!!*