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ahhh... the end is near
7:09 pm
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the end is near, i can smell it in the air.
i can feel it in my bones and every cell in my body knows the end is near.

i can hear them screaming,


but I have an obligation to my notes.
so sleep just have to come later.
happens every single time an exam comes around. i wonder why i never learn.
and they say humans are fast learners. I guess there are exceptions to that.

on a side note, 2 more days of official lecture days in IMU. that means 2 more days of school in bukit jalil. well, not counting the day of my summative exams, the days where i have to come for clinical skills practise and the day of my finals (oh yeah, and results collection day); I'm nearly done with phase 1.

it's bittersweet.

and another random thing, there's always more than meets the eye in a person. i think, i've gained a great amount of respect for you today as you are a very strong person. and much stronger than i am. i hope everything will turn out well.