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aiyoo.. tired la
6:27 am
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sem 5 sucks all the energy

it's truly the most horrifying semester of all.

Every monday to friday I'd wake up wishing I had more sleep and on the weekends instead, I'll sleep for 12 hours but still feel as though I haven't slept.

my room is in a mess. my com med report is still to be completed. I haven't finish respi, which I'm supposed to by this weekend. I'm lagging behind by 2 weeks on my musculoskeletal notes. I'm supposed to design a few more pages for the convo mag. I have to send a document to my brother. I have to format my dad's computer.

I CAN DO IT!!!!! by this weekend :D

i'll just need coffee, coffee and more coffee. I reckon this will be the time I'll get addicted to caffein.