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stress...does wonders to you
8:13 pm
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It's funny how we forget about our sufferings and pain once that period is over.
After we've recovered from a flu, we forgot the pain of having a stuffy nose so bad, you can't sleep at night. We forgot about the fever that makes you delirious about time and space.

So similarly, after an exam, we forgot about the many all nighters we pulled off, the many many hours of staring at the same notes, the ringing effect after putting on our headphones way too long, etc
I forgot all about that. Until now. When I have to study again.

I suddenly remember that studying for sem 4 was so bad, I regularly used eye-mo to rehydrate my dying eyes in the wee hours of the morning. I remember walking around the whole house while everyone was in lalaland.
Then after the exams, all I can remember is watching serials, bumming around and staring at the ceiling, That's why I thought that I didn't deserve the marks I got since I was such a slacker. But heck. Come to think about it, I deserve my marks. I burnt the midnight oil so many times, if it was real oil, trees around my house would've died due to the pollution. If losing sleep had any effect on our lifespan, I think I just shorten my life by 5 years.

Dumb studying