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Ugh. Hp or camera?
8:52 pm
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Or camera?

Nokia 5800- released late 2008. Has GPS, wifi, 3.2mp camera, symbian OS
Cost: RM850- RM900

Why? My phone sucks. Resets sporadically.
GPS feature will be really nifty too.
But I still love my phone. Having Windows allows me to install more applications then a symbian OS (i think?). And the phone is still working. Only a little crazy

Canon Powershot G11- near DSLR like pictures, fully manual controls, FREAKING ROCKS (till like 5 months later when more powerful cameras blast into the market)
Cost: RM1700. T_T

why? My olympus sucks. It works well in natural daylight but produces crappy photos indoors. Like blurry and full of noise. I've always complained of the lackluster colors in the photos it produces too.
But I don't know if I would be able to learn how to use all the fabulous functions on the camera. It would be a total waste if I keep using the auto mode. + My dad bought 2 4gb cards of olympus XD cards. gahhhhhh. I would either have to sell them or leave them to waste if I get a new camera.