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anyway, back from my KKB posting which I guess wasn't that bad afterall. Didn't get to see the dam and the waterfalls though.
Only complaint is that IMU could have done more to upkeep the guy's place. Damn.. that place was filthy.
And all the bunk beds at the nurses's dorm creaks like crazy. I think I must have one of the most creaki-est bed in the room. Can't move my butt at all when I'm lying on that bed. And I tend to roll around to get to my perfect sleeping position. So.... I really had little sleep in KKB. 

I also got a new pair of glasses :D. It's shinyyyy... (metallic shiny mind you. Not glitter shiny. I'm not that lala)
And my old glasses is really scratched up. It's like a veil is lifted off my eyes when I wore the new glasses. No wonder I felt my contact lenses were much more clearer. hahahahaha

Then I'll be working for most of the weekends till CNY. Dunno if this is a good or bad thing. I know I can never be working as a promoter for all my life. It's crazy boring just standing there. So the 9 days I'm working will be my last days as a promoter. When I was doing the GP posting with my dad, I felt so relieved to return back to the world of medicine. Tough as it may be, it's much much more interesting then standing there and giving out samples. Which reminds me, have to start studying!!!

Next post shall be about broga hill. i'm such a lazy blogger