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lemon cupcakes at 4am
7:39 pm
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Chatting to Yen Kaye, i got the inspiration to bake some cupcakes. When? at 12am.
The thing with me is that when I decide to do something, I must do it. Unless it's really ridiculous.
At 12am it didn't seem so bad at that time. But now, when I'm writing this entry with half closed lids, it was pretty dumb.

12am- chat and chat. inspiration came!
1am- start. take butter out. Watch an episode of House MD.
2am- butter softened. Start preparing other ingredients.
3am- batter prepared. Start filling in cupcakes and bake the FIRST BATCH (at that time i was thinking, "oh crap.... there's 2 batches?!?!?!"
why? I only have 1 cupcake tray)

3.30am- first batch done. 2nd batch in
4am- finally done.................................

*falls asleep*
It's not as burnt as it looks. It's the shadow

Colours are truer here. This is just the first batch :D

Tasted the crumbs and it's not too bad! A bit too sour but it's alright. It's lemon cupcakes after all.
So what should the icing be? Not lemon buttercream cause i think that will just be too much lemon.
Maybe vanilla............