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2009. closes with a *snore*.
5:00 am
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2009 is ending in a few more hours (11 hours more actually) and I feel obligated to write a post today. it's a narcissistic ritual to please my imaginary readers :D

this was what i wrote on the 31st of December 2008:


...I have to be sick on the 365th day of the year


so i shall end the year with a .... *cough*

And in the bigger picture, spending new year's eve at home sick is really nothing. I have bigger problems and worries to face next year. Hopefully with me being sick so often this period, i better be freaking well for the entire span of next year!"

ok, so I guess I was relatively well this whole year. Only that I did fall sick again few days before new years.
Other than that, I think I did pretty well this year.

In 2009, I:
  1. Learnt to drive better. And got my REAL driving license!!!
  2. Sewed my skirt!!!
  3. Realized my mad maths skillzzzzz (self-proclaimed) are gone. FOREVER
  4. Went on a year long crazy shopping spree, ending up with 3 heels, 4 new tshirts, 2 jeans this year alone (excluding aussie craziness)
  5. Got my passport and jumped on a plane straight to Melbourne!
  6. where i met my lovely furry pet nephews and nieces. and also visited the 12 Apostles :D
  8. My brother became an official DR. and is slaving away to earn money now. lol (ok, this is not really my achievement but whatever k)
  9. Visited GHKL for the first time 0_0 with CS and Joanne
  10. Sewed a dress and a bag

  1. Completed Semester 4 and selectives
  2. Volunteered in the Kg Angkat project. (too lazy to go fetch pictures now...@_@)
  3. Working! (hopefully?)
Anyway, it was a good year for me. I hope it was a good year for everyone and I wish everyone the best.
Now, in 2010, I hope I can get a good uni to twin to, pass my ICAs, IMS, and whatever + EOS 5
and survive the year to type another blog post on 31st Dec 2010 :D