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the tale of prematching and summatives
5:47 pm
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the end is near.

makes me wonder if i'll be able to cope living out there on my own.
[well, i guess it's not as bad as some people who doesn't have financial support from their parents. really admire those who can study+ work to support their education at the same time.]
so far i've been living a pretty sheltered life. and as much as i hate to admit it, i've been pretty pampered all my life (and will continue to be. ahahahaha).

time shall tell eventually. it always does.

on another note, my brother asked me to go to China for 1 month to go brush up on my mandarin. So i can become an ex-banana. Cause a banana friend of his forced himself to travel from china-> hong kong in a month alone, backpacking. When he came back, he could speak much better mandarin and cantonese. Definitely helps that his friend was male.
But actually the prospects of travelling alone for 1 month just frightens me. And in a place where I can hardly understand a word.
So what do you people think? Would you dare to backpack alone in a foreign country where you cannot speak their language? (let's just assume that the country is very safe and males has no less risk of getting assaulted compared to females.)