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since joanne wrote a post about selectives... i'm going to write one too. hmph (hahahaha. the kiasuness!! it's terrifying)
or maybe it's just some electrolyte/hormonal imbalance thing happening to me at 5am (no, i didn't just woke up)

anyway, i got the psycho selectives: BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.


cause I want to be a more efficient serial killer.
Classic serial killer pose

You know, coaxing cynical city people to come into your car can be pretty handy.
And like all serial killer courses, the lectures take place in the evening (oooo.... see, they release us at 5am, by the time we go back to our houses, that's when all the joggers come out.... easy picking...)

Since we are all a bit psycho, we have 2 hours of just talking and talking. and yes, including a 3 hour group discussion. I hope its like PBL. We finish early, we go home early :D
Sadly, unlike other cooler serial killer classes, it's about modifying your own behaviour. Actually it's easier I guess. I foresee a lot of actual bs taking space in my essay.

I can already imagine what my day will be like:
Watch movie, go for lectures, eat dinner, go out, come back, sleep
ahhhhh... glorious life.

oh, our schedule is pretty relaxed too. Everyone was so worried that this selective will have so many lectures. in fact we only have about 5 actual lectures. the rest are mainly discussions/meetings.

Certainly anything is better than what i'm doing now:
Wake up, procrastinate, study, procrastinate, study, procrastinate, study, watch tv+dinner, procrastinate, study like mad woman since there's only 3 hours left before I have to go to sleep, SLEEP.

Procrastinate- consist of any of the following activities:
1. typing this blog entry
2. logging into MSN/facebook
3. checking my email 3 times a day
4. watching tv
5. jumping around
6. watching mosquitoes buzz around
7. watching water drip from the tap
8. daydreaming
9. staring into space AKA stoning
10. looking through my brother's SPM papers.
(oh, i just looked through the sejarah question paper and OMG.... i still remember some of the stuff I shouldn't be remembering. this just proves sec school really did spoil my brain. go away sejarah rubbish.... i want my medical facts now........T_T)

ps: HAHAHAHA... i laughed when I saw the schedule for those who took community medicine. Poor souls have to wake up so early even when it's a pseudo holiday