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bad sooky
2:28 pm
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ok... i didn't manage to do 2nd round of studies. which is badddd.
bad sooky

and i didn't manage to stay off my computer...
bad sooky

and i still managed to watch tv today...
bad sooky

but i really can't be bothered anymore.
+ i never actually do 2nd readings...... ahahahaha. always too last minute for 2nd readings.
dunno how some crazy people can do 3-4 rounds of reading.
and our notes can be equivalent to a mountain. cause i think for this exam, we had to read about 60 notes.

next semester will be soooo fun. 9 systems x (20+) notes= 180 notes.

please, blogger gods, blessp me with luck as this shall be my last post before i head off to sleep.