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cursed roads
7:23 pm
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!@#!@$!$@#%#$^Y$%^@$!#!@#!$@#%$WRW roads


This annoys me to hell!! I can't even express how annoyed i am.
It cannot be written in words.
I can just say that I feel like throwing something out the window now.

What am I annoyed about?
My horrible sense of direction.

I feel so utterly useless with directions. I got lost 2 days in a row. IN THE SAME AREA
I now have a phobia of going to unknown places. I feel apprehensive about driving to an area.
This feels just like when I first started out driving.
I'm so scared to drive anywhere.
And it's so annoying because I was somewhat confident in my driving skills. I thought I had a good sense of direction. Turns out not.
It's like a curse!!! I keep driving in the opposite direction of where i'm supposed to head.

I feel horrible. I feel like I've wasted so much time and energy. And it's surprising that i'm feeling this only 2 hours later after i've reached home.
Horrible, annoying, HORRIBLE