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you know when............
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you know when............

you're not a good pianist when you can't figure out what the heck you're playing.

my lil bro printed a music score by Scott Joplin called Bethena.
I know scott joplin is a fantastic composer as he did compose 'The Entertainer'

(which i still can't play right)
When I saw this piece, I was intrigued. I've never heard it before so I have no idea how it sounds like. And I still have no idea what it sounds like after I tried playing it.
The occasional long pause to figure out the fingering and the "oh so many" wrong keys accidentally played probably distorted the piece. Anyone who heard me playing it won't have guessed what the heck I'm trying to play

So I gave up, kept the music sheet and finally, today I tried playing it again. Still sounded horrible.
Best solution: google!
And so I found out what it actually supposed to sound like: