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this post is dedicated to ppl who speak medical lingo.


interesting case I got to know today. See if you can come up with a diagnosis.

patient history: 2 year old boy with excessive hair growth (coarse thick hair, hint of moustache, lots of back hair, you get the picture) and mild hypertension. Was diagnosed as anaemic shortly after birth and had 3 episodes of crisis where he had jaundice and heamaturia in which he required blood transfusion for. Bone marrow aspirate wasn't exactly normal (i didn't see the report so :/). SLE antibodies came back negative. Was subsequently put on steroids which prevented any further episodes. Has 3 other sisters, all in good health except for one who also had anaemia but spontaneously recovered without intervention. No deformities found and development (mental, physical) were normal.


I threw out some pretty dumb diagnosis: endocrine disorder, leukemia (he won't have survived till 2 years old if he had acute lymphoblastic leukemia), and myelodysplastic syndrome (which is rare in children). in short... my heamato knowledge sucks

the most probable diagnosis (since doctors can't really confirm the diagnosis also):
autoimmune hemolytic anaemia. the excessive hair growth and hypertension results from the high dose steroids he is taking.

cool right? but this also proves how difficult it is to make a diagnosis in a real life case. Symptoms may be present due to a side effect of a drug, or may be a combination of 2 (or more) pre existing disease.