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7:10 pm
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exam time again.
i'm pissed.

[ok, you can stop reading now. below is just some rambling about exam/medical stuff]

exams also signifies the near death of a semester. which is a reason to rejoice.
too bad we don't get lots of holiday in between the semesters though. Nvm, less holidays means semester 5 comes faster means my course here will end soon.

currently studying endo. hopefully will finish it soon then i can start studying repro and finish in 3 weeks and finish renal in 2 weeks. hopefully
don't want to end up having 7 lectures to finish on the night before the exam day.
that'd be stressful.

on an interesting note, i had some symptoms (namely some palpitations occasionally and sweaty palms when i'm not doing anything which would cause anxiety) Prompted me to just have my thyroid function checked (t3, t4 and tsh levels). results came back and it's quite unfortunate that my thyroid is functioning fine. Only t4 lvls were slightly elevated.
I say unfortunate because I still don't know what caused my palpitations and sweaty hands.