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6:05 pm
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procrastinating to go to sleep (there's such kind of procrastination??) therefore i've been scurrying the web for street style photos.

[i was prepared to type a long essay-ish post on the evolution of the web (memories of my ESL project suddenly came to life) but figured its way too boring.]

So here, i'll just skip to the fun part:
my fav fashion sites:
the satorialist
Stockholm street style
and many more which i discovered through stumbleupon (go google stumbleupon. nifty gadget to use when you're bored)

and i'm in love with this skirt:
by Cloak and dagger

no idea why i am that obsessed with it also
their entire collection is quite nice actually. darn it. i want them all.

i also realize that i usually like a fashion trend that is dying out. I think its the "mass effect" (too much medicine i tell you. fyi,mass effect also means the effect of the tumor on its surrounding tissue)
where i see so many people wearing it -> i become accustomise to it -> i begin liking it

meaning that i can never become a trend setter. sobs.

i really really like the blazer trend now. too bad its too hot in m'sia.
stolen from here

and the hairband, ala blair waldolf trend. (and weirdly, i've never watched an episode of gossip girls. hahahahaa. just that i tried one hairband with a gigantic black rose on over at forever 21 some ages ago and found that i really really like them :D)
stolen from here

and leggings/tights. and i hated them last time when they first started popping up. wait... actually leggings are the ones that end at the angles while tights covers the whole foot also right (similar to a pantyhose)? if so, i still hate leggings.
stolen from here (these tights are actually a diy embellishment project)

sleeping now. 4 hrs left