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The Great Australian Adventure Post!

Ok, a long overdue post. All these pictures just covers the first few days of my trip there. ahahahaa. The elective posting i'm doing right now in GHKL is draining the life out of me so I don't know if i can even post up all the interesting pictures. Anyway... the show must go on!

Camwhoring in KLIA. Bored to death

Reached Australia in the morning (7am) where we had to line up for customs. My officer was very very cincai. I even got away with a packet of MAS peanuts in my bag (by accident. i didn't even want it actually) and I forgot to open a bag of foodstuff to show the officer.
It was pretty cold there but not horrible-i-want-to-die cold.

Some monument nearby the Moonee Ponds (the suburb where my sis lives in) library

Ikea meatballs + the weird blue thing you see behind!! My first meal in Australia! Meatballs= yummm. Weird blue thing= ughhhhh

Then the next day we went to Victoria market. the biggest market in Vic!
A shop selling Australian souvenirs.

A cafe nearby the market

Borek (something like pita bread filled with vege+ beef)! Bought in Vic Market. $2.50 supposedly but due to miscalculation and my own blurness I got this for 60 cents. hahahahaa

My sis's australian pizza. Notice the egg. yummm

Cappucino i think :D

Florals on sale. the price 0_0

A street performer (plenty in Aus). She pretends to be a statue that's all (pretty easy eh? but try standing still for extended periods of time :P Anyway... i prefer buskers to well and healthy beggers.) . But it's pretty cool cause she will "strike a pose" each time someone tosses a coin in her "well"

Streets of Melb from my sister's Yaris

Introducing... my sister and her dog, daisey (btw pls go vote for daisey here)! This was a park near the house where me and sister went for a preview (preview= potential house buyers can walk around the house to see if its suitable).

Grafitti in Melbourne. A lot of grafitti there and some pieces are just... fantastic. Me and my sis actually saw a group of guys+girls spray painting a wall. And some of the walls takes days/weeks to finish. Not like our malaysian grafitti (a lot of stupid statements like: "I was here". wth)

Hahahaha. the place where we bought some fabric :D Featured in Project Runway australia!!! I can just imagine the participants running around in that warehouse looking for the perfect fabric

Now, meet my sister's pets:Benny- the spayed male cat. Super friendly and clumsy + fat. cats are supposed to be nimble but you can hear benny climbing up and down the stairs everyday.

Charlotte- The super naughty kitten. Hates to be held but comes to sleep with you in the middle of the night. Sold away though cause it was getting too naughty for my sis to upkeep.

Snuffles (above) and Monkey (below)- My sister's rats who has been with her for 1 yr+ already. They know their own names :D Snuffles is the fatter and more violent one. Monkey is the dumbo.

Finally, Kisa! The Siberian cat. Super fluffy and gentle. But likes to run away from people cause it's still not sociable.

And also Daisey, which was mentioned above.

So on the 2nd day after Vic market, we went to the fabric store near Brunswick and I got my winter jacket (my sister was fed up with me wearing a suit everywhere) We also went to the national library :D

Statue in front of the National Library

Then we settled down for the night and had a pizza movie night :D
Antepasto pizza from Crisp Pizza:D

To be continued...... (i'm sure i missed out a lot of the places we visited. stupid memory)