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5:59 pm
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few more days left before i'm dragged back to IMU, kicking and screaming along the way.

Well, it can't be THAT bad right?

It is for me. There are times i just feel so out of place there, i'll be looking forward to the moment where i can drive off away in my tiny little kancil. Then there are the boring lectures, where I'll be struggling not to fall asleep until my head throbs with pain. The same canteen food, day in, day out. The undescribable feeling of hopelessness, regret and despair that comes with each exam. It is weird that only IMU can make me feel so alone in a place crowded with students at times that I actually feel less alone when I'm physically actually alone in my bedroom.

But not all is lost. I have my fantastic friends there. I enjoy the moments I have with them. And I'm sure I'll be enjoying those future unforgetable moments that will soon come. And when i look back 5 years later, I'll be missing the good times I had in medical school and sorely wishing i could return to my medical school days, just like how i feel about my primary school days now.

Enough with the ranting. I'll soon begin my sem 4 next week as a 20 year old. Hahaha... that feels really old. And sem 4 is the honeymoon year, just like form 4. So hopefully it shall not be so stressful (stress levels can shoot up in sem 5). I hope PBL shall be as enjoyable as it was for me in sem 3, and i'm praying for good facis to come my way. I wish for things to improve, and maybe I can feel not so awkward in IMU.