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8:32 pm
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i just cut my hair.
nothing special. more like a trim more than anything else.

and i hate that. once u mention the word trim to a hair stylist, what they do is they snip off 1 cm off the tips of your hair and charge you whatever it is they charge for a cut.
learnt my lesson and i will never ever use that word again.
i'm the type of person that whenever i go to a salon... i want to see at least some change. i think it's ripping ppl off if you walk in and walk out looking the same.

so today, i said cut my hair. i even showed the length.
ugh... but what is with all these hairdressers. i would say a lot of hairdressers are actually afraid to cut somebody's hair short. the last time i had long hair and wanted to chop it off the hairdresser kept saying things like:
"oh... you won't look nice with short hair"
"guys don't like girls with short hair" (i swear. this is what he said to me. to which i replied "i don't really care" lol. but then he said "oh.. but you should care!!")

a month later i totally chop off my hair and i like it. heck. i think i like my short hair better than my long hair.

ok, so back to today. i wanted 1 inch off my hair length. the dude said ok
then he started cutting. i can see he was snipping off 1 cm off. i said i want it shorter.
he says ok
and he cuts off 0.5 cm. then i said "i don't mind going shorter"
then he said "oh. your hair is wet. later it'll be shorter. and i don't think going shorter would look good on you"
i rest my case cause he is supposed to be the expert and i don't want to insist on going shorter and end up looking really weird. moments later.... jeng jeng... i look basically the same.
probably if i had more guts i'll ask him to cut it again. but then again, this might piss him off and he'll cut it super short and ugly just to prove his point.

they are so damn scared to cut ppl hair. i guess they had a lot of bad experiences or heard horror stories of customers being pissed with them for cutting their hair too short.
but it's true. i think it's harder to cut a good short hairstyle then to cut a long hairstyle.
i just have to find a better salon in the mean time.

btw the hairstylist who cut my long hair last time went back to china :( that's why i have to look for a new salon now.