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i feel really unsettled if i don't get this off of my mind.

as we all know, MJ recently passed away on friday. I only knew about it through the class blog cause someone posted
"the king of pop passed away"

I instantly goggled his name and the news was true.
It's strange how celebrities are all invincible in our eyes. When one dies, especially one as famous and as iconic as MJ, all of us are dumbstruck.
I'm no MJ fan. I've listened to a few of his songs and read about his antics on the newspaper.
I think the earliest music video of his i watched was for the song Black and White. And I must be only 5-8 years old? By the time i was old enough to remember things, MJ well... was notorious for his eccentric living (plastic surgeries, paedophilia allegations, hanging baby over a balcony).

Few days ago, I managed to catch the tribute 8tv did for him (airing his concert in "i forgot where") And watching him live I could understand why he had his fans. I didn't even know some of the songs I've listened before was actually sung by him. And his dance moves were awesome. Some fans in the concert were actually crying when they saw him come into stage (and many continued to do so throughout the concert). Many fainted (due to heat stroke or claustrophobia) and you can see the staff pulling them out from the 5000+ crowd of people (could be more, i dunno, it;s a sea of people basically). During his performence he actually asked a fan to come up. The girl was completely awestruck. He hugged her while singing and when it was time for her to leave the stage (the girl kept on wanting to hug him while he was trying to sing. lol) security people actually have to lift the girl up on their shoulders and carry her off stage. That was how adoring he was to his diehard fans.

It's sad actually that he had to pass away this way when he was still being potrayed negatively in the media. I think it would have been better if he completed his london concerts and at least proved to the world that he was still the same MJ in the past because his last live concert was ages ago.

And I think its so sad that his children will now most likely be involved in cutody battle.

Death by MI. so sad indeed.

Oh, Billie Jean is playing in my head for these past few days. arghhh

On a more realistic note, MY FREAKING EOS IS TODAY! And I have 2 more notes to go through. Stress!!!
Wish me luck people, and I shall cross my fingers that today's paper won't be too hard