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i was randomly googling today and i stumbled upon this:

Sooky, Asian Elephant Cow at

Tulsa Zoo

and Living Museum

Elephant Keepers Jessica and


Sooky age 32 years

Asian elephants are en endangered species. The loss of their habitat is one of the major reasons this animal is endangered. Elephants are social animals. This elephant's name is Sooky. She lives at the zoo in Tulsa Oklahoma. The keepers there love her very much. They are very dedicated to her care and happiness. They know her very well and are truly attentive with her. She is obviously just as fond of the keepers. An elephant's versatile trunk can pick up food, touch and greet other elephants, and draw up water. The Asian elephant has 5 toes on the foreleg and 4 toes on each hind leg. Elephants are often seen spraying water and dirt on their back to keep cool and clean, this also helps to get rid of of insects. Asian Elephants are excellent swimmers. Elephants have few natural enemies except man, and they are in extreme danger of extinction due to loss of habitat and poaching. The elephant's ivory tusks are incisors used for digging, uprooting trees and displaying. Elephants use low frequency sound waves for communication between members of the herd and individuals outside the herd. These sounds may carry for distances of up to 10 miles. Only the male Asian elephant has tusks. These large greatly extended incisor teeth come out on each side of their upper jaw. Unlike the Asian elephants the male and female African elephant both have tusks.